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Whether you are start up after a new logo or a well established company looking for a full business branding exercise, eInfinity will help your company reach its potential.

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Some of our logo designs:

But what is a brand?

Your brand is a representation of your business, it is much more than a logo, it is a promise of quality, service and ideals to both your clients and staff. Your brand is what defines and differentiates you from your competitors.



Why eInfinity?

Our branding process can be divided into four primary phases which are further divided into more in-depth procedures resulting in a thorough and comprehensive design operation.

By the end of the exercise we guarantee you will have a logo design and brand guideline fit for your business.

The process:

  1. InvestigateLiaising with the client to get preliminary information and meeting arrangements followed by an initial meeting and research in to the company to find inspiration and ideas for the brand.
  2. InterpretCreation of scamp ideas and sketches. Application and refinement of the current ideas into a presentation document for the client. Attaining feedback on the presented ideas and generate further development plan.
  3. Develop

    Make Developments to logo following the feedback received.

    Further meetings following development of logo design.

  4. FinalisePresent the final logo design.
    Conversion and preparation of logo into all various formats that will be required
    (PDF, eps, jpeg rgb, jpeg cmyk, small jpeg/gif).
    Additional correspondence time.

Get in touch for a quote

If you would like to get a quote for a logo design project or a branding exercise, feel free to get in touch by filling out the form or giving us a call and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.

We understand that not all projects are the same, and one size does not necessarily fit all. Depending on your requirements, we may want to organise a meeting so we can spec out a more accurate brief to ensure satisfaction in our project delivery.


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