Futureproofing your I.T.

16 Apr

There have been many lessons to take from the last 12 months. The I.T. industry as much as any other has had to carry out wholesale change. Aside from supporting many businesses new to remote working, rolling out clients’ digital initiatives, and meeting rising ecommerce demands, those involved in I.T. support have had to work on making sure their own businesses have the infrastructure in place to support their customers and their teams’ own transition to remote working.

We have talked about the rise of remote working in other recent blogs and will return to the subject again as it is a long-term fact of life for many organisations. Cloud computing facilitates remote working effectively and securely. With software, e-mails, and phones all managed securely away from your own PCs and servers’ upgrades, security patches, a new software roll outs become seamless, automated, and centralised. Updating each individual laptop used by a remote worker would be a time-consuming proposition. With offices only visited occasionally back ups may be missed and problems only discovered when the system fails.

One of the growth industries of 2020 has been Cybercrime. The Government’s Cybercrime unit reported that U.K. businesses lost over £6.2 million to cyber scams over the past year - with a 31% increase in cases during May and June 2020 alone. Sarah Knowles of cyber security company Nexor said: “Across the country, millions of people switched to work from home and for many businesses, this left the door ajar as cyber security took a back seat with such short notice.” Again, cloud computing provides the answer to this problem. With security updates carried out centrally by a specialist I.T. support team protects your business’s most valuable asset, its data, and communications.

Shifting your key business processes to the cloud will reduce your reliance on possibly aging hardware, will ensure that your software and security are kept up to date and provide the scalable storage that many businesses will need as their reliance on the digital world expands. eInfinity can support your move to the cloud working with you to configure and setup your systems, maximising effectiveness, and minimising downtime. Office 365 is established as the worldwide standard in software, applications, and cloud services. Integrated with Microsoft Teams as a phone system and the cost savings and convenience make for a good return on investment. We are always happy to hear from you and would be more than happy to help you learn more about the benefits of Cloud computing.


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