Computer Hardware

It’s vital to your business that you have access to your systems and data at any time and when there’s a break in the link, our team will use their expert knowledge and experience to diagnose and isolate where a problem may lie. If a replacement is needed, then we will not only recommend replacement but will work with you to ensure that the new hardware serves you today and in the future.

Working with the top brands from Intel to Cisco, HP to Dell you can get the best support from not just us but our vendors too. With the option for extended warranties up to 5 years for hardware, you can have peace of mind that the new hardware can be easily repaired or replaced at any time up to and past its end of serviceable life.


Hardware that fits you

eInfinity are your one stop shop for all hardware requirements. If you’re a business that is looking for recommendations on the latest or best technology or you could be a home enthusiast looking for the latest performance setup or simply want a stable and efficient solution for your current infrastructure. eInfinity will work closely with you to ensure that what is purchased is tailored to your needs.

It could be a mouse, a monitor, a single computer, a server, whole network or a full new cloud-based domain environment. No hardware or configuration is too small.

Our team has extensive knowledge of all forms of hardware so do not hesitate to ask! We’ll happily answer any questions you might have.


Hardware that fits your budget

We don’t want to just specify the most expensive hardware, although we can if you want. We know that when doing a full system refresh it can become a significant investment. Fear not, as when we are recommending and specifying what’s needed, we work closely with you and audit your current infrastructure to recommend the best hardware that suits your needs and your budget. It’s important to us as well as you, that you get the best value with the highest quality components from the top brands.

Whether you’re an up and coming start-up or an established company of 30+ years we’ll make sure that your purchase is right for you!


Language that fits your hardware

As technology progresses, we understand that it can become confusing. What for us is like making a cup of tea, could seem quite daunting for some. We want to answer any questions you have in a clear and easy to understand way, so you know exactly what it is your purchasing and why. We use language that makes you feel comfortable and we’re always on hand and happy to help, simply ask away.

Give us a call anytime and let us know what problems, or ideas you may have, and we’ll see what we can do for you!

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