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Technology can seem fast paced and ever changing, and if you are someone that feels this way, your quite right there has been a significant change in the past 20 years. Not to say the least of the internet and how we have become an ever-interconnected worldwide community. As the internet has developed and become faster, more accessible and more stable; services that you would normally find located at your business site can now be outsourced to another location with ‘the cloud’.

The last ten years have seen this shift to ‘the cloud’ for more and more business-critical services. Your software and services such as e-mails and calls, can all be maintained outside off-site.

No need for complicated hardware setups, no expensive to run servers and software. The maintenance and support are handled by us with close collaboration with our cloud vendors to ensure uptime and scalability for the future.

Ever had a snow day? Wondered what would happen if your office was flooded? Work from home because your power has been cut? With all the services and systems for the cloud held elsewhere, you can be sure that your data, e-mails, phones and software can continue to work from any location anytime.

If you’re wondering what a change to the cloud could mean for you and your employees, fret not, the cloud services are largely driven by cost-saving and associated to back-end systems. An out of sight, out of mind solution.

We want you and your employees to continue working comfortably with services that they’re familiar with. Leave the configuration and setup to us and we will ensure that you benefit from better value, higher quality service while minimising downtime.

At eInfinity, we have partnered with Microsoft and Office 365 to deliver world-class business cloud services, from e-mails, to telephony, to business processes and applications. Any questions just ask our team!


Why choose Office 365?

Office 365 is now an established worldwide standard in software, applications and cloud services. Here are a few of the benefits you’ll get when using Office 365

  • Access your e-mails, calendar, contacts and more anytime with any device that has an internet connection.
  • Microsoft has a guaranteed 99.9% uptime with strict SLA’s to respond to any issues we report, both reactively and proactively
  • Gain the benefits of the latest Microsoft Office packages, such as Word, Excel and improve efficiency
  • Special subscription-based license model. At any time, we or you can amend the quantity and type of your licenses to suit your individual business needs.
  • Automatic software upgrades bringing you the latest Microsoft Office packages when they are released. Don’t want to upgrade automatically, speak to us and we can plan and manage any Office upgrades with you for any number of users.
  • Cloud storage for your documents, desktop items and more so you can access your data anywhere and anytime


Interested in any cloud services or Office 365 then please give us a call or drop an e-mail and we’ll work closely with you to recommend the best solution for your business.

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