There are two main forms of communications that are standard today; namely e-mail and voice. Gone are the days of technology solutions by post or Pidgeon.

Utilising the latest cloud technology; telephone services now benefit from the ease of setup, call management and administration with reporting, metrics and statistics thrown in for good measure. It’s vital to your business that your customers feel at ease and it’s important for you to understand what and how your business is communicating with its customers. This gives you the insight to where you can identify improvements to call handling and call answering. These improvements are important for the first contact for any customer as well as an ongoing experience each time they need to call in you.


What is VOIP or Cloud-based Voice over IP telephony

First and foremost, the VOIP system uses the now fast and stable internet line for all your calls. No dedicated second phone line and complicated setup are needed anymore. When we install a Cloud VOIP system you may not need any additional hardware or networking. Simply plug in, login to your phone and start making calls in minutes.

With our always moving, always interconnected world you can also have the same phone system linked to your mobile device for when you’re out on the move. Take, make and manage calls from either your desk phone, mobile device or even from your desktop computer. Where ever there is an available internet connection you can answer, make and handle calls just like you were in the office.


What are the benefits of Voice Over IP technology?

Not just a phone for making calls

Your phone can do so much more than just make and take calls. You can use advanced features that ensure that your business is able to communicate not just with clients but with each other easily and effectively. You can have access to features such as call forwarding, automatic routing (to departments or individuals), warm and cold transfers and conference calling all from your desk phone, desktop or mobile device!
Why not skip the calling altogether and integrate with the new Microsoft Teams to chat and collaborate via text or phone to fellow colleagues? Just ask for more information on Office 365 and how its technology can improve your business


Easy to administer, easy to maintain

Ever needed a new call forwarded to an individual or group, then to fail over to another individual or department after a few seconds, then to go to voicemail? Sounds complicated to setup?

With a cloud login and access to the administration from any web browser, it’s easy for any user to be trained to setup seemingly complicated call routing logic in an easy to understand and easy to use interface. It doesn’t stop there, assigning phones to users, updating contact information, all are intuitive and easy to accomplish.

Just give us a call and we’ll gladly go through any setup and configuration with you or just simply ask us to do make any changes with a quick e-mail or call to our support desk


VOIP setup and installs that suit your budgets

Since the VOIP system is hosted in the ‘cloud’ there’s no need for expensive to setup and expensive to maintain hardware. If you want a phone in a small office at home, not a problem. If you need a few hundred points installed then just ask us and we can plan, manage and implement depending on your budget and size requirements.

Interested in VOIP, call our team at eInfinity and we’ll happily run through any ideas and queries you may have or drop us an e-mail and we’ll give you a call on the old phone!

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